Kamis, 08 Mei 2014

Magic Submitter Review

Magic Submitter is unique software that spins and submits web content automatically to more than 500 sites.

After submission you receive 1000’s of backlinks. It is an easy and affordable way to save money and many hours on internet marketing. It helps you get back the life you had before being sucked into IM… while giving you all the benefits of being successful at internet marketing. That’s a compromise we can all live with, right?

And better yet, by creating all these backlinks and pointing them to whatever you’re promoting (site, video, blog post) you’ll get top Google rankings with just a few minutes of work!

Now that’s an amazing return on investment!

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Magic Submitter was created by Alex Krulik who has spent more than 15 years in software development. His unique vision in the creation of Magic Submitter has already helped countless people earn great money online and increase their search rankings on search engines like Google.

Magic Submitter is a proven and tested system for anyone to earn money online. Magic Submitter does most of the hard work of getting content on websites.

It does the following;

- Create thousands of accounts
- Get these accounts verified
- Spin content so that it is 100% unique each time
- Submits content to thousands of websites
- Solves Captcha verifications automatically
- Submit and receive backlinks
- Organise and store all generated links
- Bookmark, pink and spin these links
- Marketing scheduling is performed
- Set up campaigns that run for several weeks
- Reports for clients/customers
- Lets you add hundreds of websites with just a couple of clicks

The software does this all automatically for you. And it includes 27 other great and time-saving features.

Magic Submitter reviews have had only positive things to say about this software.

- Marketing expert, Christoph Gruhn has said that he uses the software every day.
- Another marketing expert, Braxton Ponder, has said that this software has really saved him a lot of time, which no other tool has done for him before.
- Donnell Lowery has said that the training received from Magic Submitter is next to none.

Some people take years to become internet marketing experts. With Magic Submitter this process is made as easy as it gets. It really is the easiest way available to get to the top of Google’s search rankings.

In doing so, it brings thousands of visitors to a website, thereby increasing business, whether it be the sale of products or services, or making money through advertisements.

It is so effective that it brings new customers all hours of the day, every day of the week. It cuts the time it would normally take to achieve this ten times.

Magic Submitter submits content to thousands of websites. Amongst the most notable of these are

- popular video sites,
- blog infrastructures,
- article directories,
- social networking sites,
- forum sites,
- PDF sites,
- niche sites
- and micro blogs, just to name a few.

The entire process is done with just a few clicks of a mouse. Sounds pretty relieving when you compare it to having to do it all manually... what a terrible timesuck that would be!

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An additional benefit of the Magic Submitter software is that the services are updated monthly, so you do not have to worry about the software becoming outdated or useless.

It always remains relevant by keeping up with internet marketing trends, insuring a constant stream of income. Updates include new features, updates to the software, and new services.

The Magic Submitter team keeps in touch with customers to ensure that the software is used effectively to get the required results. This means that there is a customer support desk to assist with any questions.

Part of the customer support also includes a live (and free!) coaching call once a month. This call is to answer questions from customers and provide updates on the latest and newest strategies and trends to be able to successfully work as an online marketer and earn money online.

Which submitter platform offers anything even remotely similar to this kind of dedication to its customers?

It doesn’t end there. They also provide more than 60 trainings on everything an online marketer needs to know from video optimization to press release marketing. As a customer, you receive access to all of the previous archived trainings as well.

For such a software package and comprehensive service one would expect to pay something into the hundreds of dollars.

But this software is shockingly affordable at just $4.95, truly a discounted price.

There is no other software on the market that is available at this price point, so it really is a steal.

And, it comes with a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee. So, if the product does not deliver like it promises within 30 days then it can be returned and all your money is refunded. So there really is nothing to lose. Users of this software attest to the fact that it lives up to its promises.

It is an ideal solution for people who want to become their own bosses, and earn an income online. Most people spend months and even years trying to figure out how to become internet entrepreneurs. With this software it becomes an accessible way to make money from the internet.

There really is nothing to lose, but everything to gain from Magic Submitter.

Magic Submitter